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Corbado Update: April 2024

Here’s what’s been going on in the Corbado labs during the last weeks:

#1 Integration of Social Accounts

Corbado now offers the following social accounts as authentication methods.

  • Google Account
  • Microsoft Account
  • GitHub Account

In addition to traditional login identifiers (e.g. email address, phone number, username), users can now signup/login using their social accounts. In the developer panel you can configure which accounts a user can use.

Existing accounts with the same identifier as the social account will be automatically linked once a social login has been performed.

**Passkey login is still supported **when a user logs in with the social account email address.

Social login is also supported in the Corbado Developer Panel.

#2 Passkey Intelligence

With the introduction of Passkey Intelligence, we are introducing an intelligent way of handling passkey authentication.

Corbado now supports the following features to provide the best passkey authentication experience:

  • Smart passkey detection
  • QR-Based Cross-Device Login
  • Cloud-linked Passkey detection
  • Enhanced Device Recognition

With these features you will be able to handle passkeys correctly in every situation.

#3 Passkey Button

Our components now provide a passkey button, which is displayed to the user once passkey authentication has been successfully completed.

This allows users to log into their account with a single click.