#1 Founding Frontend Engineer

JavaScript expert. Frontend enthusiast. JAMSTACK fan.

What you will be working on

This is the perfect role for an engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset. On a normal day, you will:

  • lead the frontend development ­team
  • implement JavaScript SDKs (e.g. React, Next.js, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Svelte, Angular, Vanilla JS)
  • be open to adopt the solution to more JavaScript frameworks
  • support growing our open source footprint
  • integrate our solution with next-generation web development platforms such as Vercel and Cloudflare worker leveraging SSR and Component based SSR of Next.js

The opportunity

You are joining Corbado early. We will treat you as a core member of the founding team from day 1 and you will be incentivized as such. Your decisions and code will lie at the foundation of our product. As such choosing scalable technologies and anticipating upcoming challenges are key while we will continue to move quickly and iterate towards product-market-fit.

You will help to make the Internet a safer place by spreading the use of passkeys. You will have the opportunity to own parts of the Corbado product end-to-end and take on manager responsibilities if you so choose.

You have the chance to influence the developer community world-wide (high chance of getting the rewards and earning respect on X, Reddit and Hacker News- we already have been featured by TechCrunch, The Verge and heise online).

You have the chance to collaborate with an experienced team (serial entrepreneurs and CTOs who scaled IT 10x for one of Germany´s largest internet companies).

Who We Are Looking For?

We are looking for a frontend engineer. Someone who is looking to wear a number of hats at the same time or start a company themselves in the future.

  • You are a hard worker and thrive working in a small and accountable team
  • You want to take ownership in building out significant parts of a growing product
  • You are excited about passwordless / passkey authentication and want to talk to other developers to understand them and their use cases better
  • You have demonstrated experience in frontend development - a CS/quantitative degree is preferred
  • You have strong analytical skills and enthusiasm for quickly grasping and delving into new topics. You have impressive achievements from previous careers and from side projects — we’re excited to hear about these!


  • You’ve started a company before or worked at a very early stage startup
  • You are already maintaining your own open source project or are actively contributing to one

Team, Values & Benefits

You will be the first to join the four founders of Corbado. We are a complimentary team with diverse experience ranging from technical to commercial.

We work in-person from our lovely office in the heart of Munich. We aim for 4-5 days in the office a week and regular shared lasagna meals, beers and other fun stuff.

You will receive a competitive package of salary and equity. We are happy to discuss your preference between the two. Please find guidance below.

Salary & Equity Ranges

Salary: 70,000 - 100,000 EUR VSOP: 0.5% - 2.0% VSOP


#1 Founding Frontend Engineer





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