Junior Fullstack Developer

Coding geek. Tech enthusiast. Fullstacker.

What we're looking for

Coding geek. Tech enthusiast. Fullstacker.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to free the world from passwords through innovative passkey solutions. At Corbado, you'll be at the forefront of authentication, shaping passkeys as the new login standard. With our developer-first approach, we’ve gained significant traction, with a couple of hundred developer signups monthly. Backed and advised by very experienced Angels, and led by an experienced founder team (with 3rd-time entrepreneurs and 2 successful exits), we're on the path to revolutionize authentication.


  • Frontend Development: Improve the frontend of our developer console and components of the passkey solution by collaborating ensuring seamless integration and exceptional user experiences.
  • Backend Development: Improve our current Backend (add new features, maintain our API, fix bugs)
  • DevOps: Improve and adapt our CI / CD pipeline to speed up our time-to-ship
  • Developer Community Support: Help external developers in their efforts of integrating our product into their tech stack and smoothening documentation and developer experience
  • Next-Gen Web Development Platform Integration: Drive the integration of our solution into next-generation web development platforms such as Vercel and Cloudflare workers, staying ahead of the technological curve and positioning our product at the forefront of innovative web development leveraging SSR and Component based SSR of Next.js 13.‍


  • Background: Study background in computer science, mathematics, information systems or related subject
  • Frontend Expertise: Experience in JavaScript / TypeScript, preferably in React and / or Vue.js
  • Backend Expertise: Experience in Golang
  • Dev Tooling: Good knowledge of GitHub and Docker
  • Language Skills: Fluent in German or English
  • Ownership: Demonstrated sense of ownership and accountability for projects, ensuring end-to-end delivery with precision and commitment.
  • Adaptability: Rapid learner with the ability to grasp new concepts and technologies swiftly, staying ahead of industry trends and incorporating new knowledge effectively.
  • Collaborative Spirit: A dedicated team player, collaborating seamlessly with colleagues to achieve shared objectives, fostering a positive team environment.
  • Passion and Dedication: Passion, motivation, and a willingness to go the extra mile to achieve outstanding results are key in the startup’s environment.
  • Nice to have: Native App Expertise, Authentication Experiecne, More Backend Languages


  • Make the Internet a safer Place: Be part of our mission to make the internet a safer place by working on cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize online security for millions of users.
  • Influence the Developer Community: You don’t work on the next, random SaaS tool but instead work on a product that helps and influences the developer community world-wide (high chance of getting the rewards and earning respect on X, Reddit and Hacker News – we already have been featured by TechCrunch, The Verge or heise).
  • Live a fulfilling Developer Life: From choosing your top-notch and individual tech setup, contributing to open-source projects during your work time or to support for your private projects, we want you to have a fulfilling life as a developer.
  • Experienced Team: Collaborate with an experienced team comprising serial entrepreneurs and CTOs who have scaled the IT infrastructure 10x for one of Germany´s largest internet companies. Besides leadership and deep tech know-how, the founder team has great experience in digital distribution and growth, offering unparalleled learning and growth opportunities.
  • Competitive Compensation: Receive a competitive salary and participation in our Virtual Stock Option Plan (VSOP) of up to 1% in the unique starting phase of the startup, tailored to reflect your skills and individual needs, ensuring your efforts are recognized and rewarded appropriately.
  • Balanced Work Environment: We strongly believe in a startup’s office culture, fostering excellent teamwork and allowing for short development iterations. Still, you have the flexibility of 1 day of remote work per week, with the potential to extend to 2 days per week after 1-2 years, contingent upon the company's progress.
  • Time Off: Recharge with 30 days of annual vacation, encouraging work-life balance and ensuring you perform at your best.  
  • Funding Secured: Funding for the company is secured, providing a stable foundation for innovation and growth, allowing you to focus on impactful work without concerns about the company’s future.

How to Apply

Become part of our team and build the passwordless future.

Just send an email to vincent.delitz@corbado.com including your CV, LinkedIn profile or whatever makes you feel qualified for the job. Add your earliest possible start date and outline your motivation for applying this position in max three sentences. Feel free to keep it short and sweet.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Junior Fullstack Developer





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