Passkey Intelligence

Navigate the passkey iceberg: invisible complexity.

Passkey implementation seems straight-forward, but gets complicated in a multi-device world with different operating systems support. We help you get it done quickly.

Passkey Intelligence Iceberg

Device management

Detect reliably if passkeys are accessible.

WebAuthn + server

Let us handle the setup & config for you.

Cross-device authentication

Use mobile passkeys on your desktop.

Analytics & insights

Monitor passkey creation & adoption.

Component intelligence

Use pre-built components and focus on your product.

Transaction authorization

Utilize WebAuthn / passkeys to verify payments.

Most advanced device-management in the market

Detect reliably if passkeys are supported and accessible on the device for your users. Never let the user run into dead-ends.


import { CorbadoProvider, CorbadoAuth } from "@corbado/react";

export default function App() {
    const onLoggedIn = () => {
        // Navigate or perform actions after successful login

    return (
        <CorbadoProvider projectId="<Project ID>">
            <CorbadoAuth onLoggedIn={onLoggedIn}/>;
Passkeylist screenshot

Integrated WebAuthn server & database

Zero configuration required

Start seamlessly with our pre-installed WebAuthn server, eliminating the need for complex installation and configuration processes. We take care of the following to ensure a hassle-free experience for our users:

  • Installing Webauthn server
  • Designing database model
  • Figuring out encodings
  • Providing storage
  • Configuring Webauthn server
  • Maintaining & updating

Management UI

Access a user-friendly management interface to easily control and monitor your passkeys and WebAuthn server's operations.

Cross-Device Authentication (CDA)

Our passkey intelligence automatically makes smart use of cross-device authentication. Activate additional features in your project depending on your use case.


    await Corbado.load({
      projectId: "<CORBADO_PROJECT_ID>",
      darkMode: 'on',

    const authElement = document.getElementById('corbado-auth');
    Corbado.mountAuthUI(authElement, {
      onLoggedIn: () => {
        window.location.href = '/';
      isDevMode: true,

  <div id="corbado-auth"></div>
Passkeys Analyzer screenshot

Analytics & insights

With our component approach, a lot of passkey intelligence can be handled automatically in the frontend.

Component intelligence

Simply add <SignUp/>, <Login/> or <PasskeyList/> to your code. Customize the design, change the flows in our low-code developer panel and get all functionality in a few lines of code.

Corbado Account Creation
Transaction Authorization Illustration

Transaction authorization

Utilize WebAuthn / passkeys for secure authorization of transactions, attaching user-verified metadata like payment details.